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Anywhere With You: A Novel | Book 2 | The With You Series (Ebook)

Anywhere With You: A Novel | Book 2 | The With You Series (Ebook)

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The With You Series: A Love That Defies Distance and Time

Discover the next chapter in the captivating With You Series, an unforgettable love story that transcends boundaries and challenges the notion of what it means to find yourself. Packed with drama, adventure, and suspense, this heart-wrenching saga has been compared to The Secret Life of Walter Mitty and Love, Rosie.

About The Book

Book Two | The With You Series

Jack and Amelie are a testament to the power of opposites attracting. While Amelie flees from any hint of love, Jack thrives on the thrill of the chase—especially when it comes to her. When he proposes a cross-country road trip together, their connection is put to the ultimate test.

As they embark on this journey, a high-stakes bet is made. Jack, ever the risk-taker, lays it all on the line, while Amelie remains guarded, keeping her cards close to her heart. As they traverse the country, they must confront the question: Can they both emerge as winners in this game of love?

Will their road trip teach them to find a balance between their vastly different personalities? Or will it only drive them further apart? In this mesmerizing continuation of the With You Series, explore the depths of a love that refuses to be extinguished—a love story that, like many, was never truly over.

Dive back into the world of Jack and Amelie, and let their extraordinary journey captivate your heart and inspire your belief in the power of love and fate. The With You Series is an enthralling tale that will leave you deeply satisfied and with a renewed sense of hope for the resilience of the human spirit.

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Chapter One


HAVE YOU EVER held something so beautiful you wanted to hang onto it—and yet at the same time, put it aside just for fear of using it up? I have. It’s like that uncle of yours who owns several amazing classic cars, and while he tinkers with them daily—he rarely actually takes them out for a drive. Or—your Grandma and her fine china, which only sees the light of day on special occasions. Or maybe it’s that little black dress you keep hanging in the back of your closet despite the fact that you haven’t worn it in a decade because you assure yourself you’ll fit back into one of these days. 

That’s how I felt about her. She was all of the things I mentioned above—compiled into one really amazing person. And I was afraid that I’d use her up. 

Over time—I might’ve learned that there was so much more where that came from—if only I’d just kept looking. But that’s not what happened in South America. Basically, you could say I choked. And I’m not one who chokes. Yet, with her—it happened. With her… it always happens. 

I’d spent such a long time trying to locate Amelie and traveling to find her. And then, when I did—well, it was beyond anything I could have expected. She was the same—only better. She was still as captivating as ever, smarter, and worldlier, too. In a sense, we were both better than the last time we’d spent time together. Just not good enough, I guess. 

There’s also the fact that I left in the shittiest way possible. Unexpectedly and without notice. Which if you’re going to leave a woman, really, it’s the best—if not the only way to go about doing it. Before you hate me too much, let me say this—I did at least leave a note. 

If I were to try and explain to you then why I left, I couldn’t. Mostly because I’m not certain I even really knew myself. But I know now. 

It’s been two years since I walked out of that hotel room leaving Amelie lying naked tangled up in the mess we’d made only hours before. As I studied the way the early morning light poured in through the balcony doors and filtered itself over her tanned, bare skin, I ran my fingers through her hair and watched as she stirred a little. If I remember correctly, and I do, because I’ve thought back over those moments thousands of times, probably at least once every day since that morning, I remember she smiled in her sleep. She was happy. Too damned happy. And maybe that was the problem. 

I do recall willing her to wake, willing her to get up, to ask me just what in the hell I was doing. But she didn’t. She merely sighed, pulled the covers up to her chin, and rolled over onto her stomach. So I kissed the top of her head, placed the note on the bedside table, and that was that.  

Two days later, I received an email. 

To: Jack Harrison

From: Amelie Rose 

Subject: You’re an asshole. 


From here on out, leave me alone. 

Life is better that way. 


It was just like Amelie to want the last word, but I wasn’t the kind of guy, not then anyway, to let her have it. 

To: Amelie Rose 

From: Jack Harrison

Subject: Tell me something I don’t know…

Dear Amelie, 

I can’t. It’s against my nature. 

I truly am sorry for leaving the way I did.

I just had to get back... 



When I wrote that email, I expected a response. Basically, I wanted more from her. I wanted her to tell me that we could make it work this time. I wanted her to fight. I wanted her to tell me to go to hell—that I was wrong to leave. And in a sense, I guess she did—because I didn’t see or hear from her again for nearly two years.

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